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  1. I think you told me, its not about resources, and once you log back in, they reappear. this is impossible, and can never happen. so you telling me i can relog, and the node will be in front of me, and ill be hitting it with a pickaxe, yet someone who hasnt reloged, they see me hitting nothing? no this isnt true ? its not possible that we all see different resources depending on whether we logged in or not i have never seen somebody hitting air, but getting logs.
  2. yeah suuure hahahahahahahahaha
  3. WooooW okay okayyy ??? Amazing suggestions. Yes id like to highlight building perms, yes building perms you heard me. So more than one can β€œslap” a door down. lmao
  4. Does it have anything to do with the amount of available resources on the map? The more people playing, more trees chopped down, and server needs to refresh resources? If thats true, then bigger maps would help have longer periods between restarts no? @Catsbit.Care
  5. Hey @Catsbit.Care Ok so this happens when you loot somebody Yes it makes it very difficult
  6. Please Give us the option to change our in game names which can allow for tags like [CC] Bones
  7. Hey @Catsbit.Care There is another bug while upgrading to metal wall, it cost 40 fragments, and the game glitches out and you disconnect, the wall remains stone, and you lose 40 fragments.
  8. Hey @Catsbit.Care Ok so I’m wondering if you can shed some light on the restarts. If possible id like to know exactly when they are, and how often. Coz of the door bug, making doors disappear. Also can you please tell us what is supposed to happen after a wipe? All bases supposed to disappear? Because some stay and some go. Does a Tool cupboard make any difference? Thankyou
  9. Yah this is when the wipe happens yes? all the doors are gone
  10. yes. me too. when my rocket hits the base, i disconnect
  11. Ok the update is wicked ?? However, I cannot run more than 10 seconds before Im kicked for speedhacking I see it happening every 5 seconds in game to someone. and now i cant log in because it says im already logged in. like fr boo.
  12. I use my TC to protect my base and to repair my tools
  13. The occasional 1000 gun powder
  14. imagine trying to dictate to this level to a games developer lol
  15. Thanks for posting the same thing as everybody else dorito theres way more glitches than mentioned
  16. server 2. His user is Destroyerejd and he uses the glitch to get through doors and walls. he has just blackmailed me on discord saying he will keep exploiting the glitch unless i give him gunpowder.
  17. lol. you guys ? yah nature we can be friendly in game. no issue.and yah i agree with you anonypower. we just got raided by the destroyer guy again hes literally walking into our bases.
  18. lol. well i can try to be friends with you again i guess nature.?
  19. Also doritos is 7 years old and is extremely abusive. And thats ok because catsbit trusting this toddlers parents let him play? lol