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  1. Please Give us the option to change our in game names which can allow for tags like [CC] Bones
  2. Hey @Catsbit.Care There is another bug while upgrading to metal wall, it cost 40 fragments, and the game glitches out and you disconnect, the wall remains stone, and you lose 40 fragments.
  3. Hey @Catsbit.Care Ok so I’m wondering if you can shed some light on the restarts. If possible id like to know exactly when they are, and how often. Coz of the door bug, making doors disappear. Also can you please tell us what is supposed to happen after a wipe? All bases supposed to disappear? Because some stay and some go. Does a Tool cupboard make any difference? Thankyou
  4. Yah this is when the wipe happens yes? all the doors are gone
  5. yes. me too. when my rocket hits the base, i disconnect
  6. Ok the update is wicked ?? However, I cannot run more than 10 seconds before Im kicked for speedhacking I see it happening every 5 seconds in game to someone. and now i cant log in because it says im already logged in. like fr boo.
  7. I use my TC to protect my base and to repair my tools
  8. The occasional 1000 gun powder
  9. imagine trying to dictate to this level to a games developer lol
  10. Thanks for posting the same thing as everybody else dorito theres way more glitches than mentioned
  11. server 2. His user is Destroyerejd and he uses the glitch to get through doors and walls. he has just blackmailed me on discord saying he will keep exploiting the glitch unless i give him gunpowder.
  12. lol. you guys ? yah nature we can be friendly in game. no issue.and yah i agree with you anonypower. we just got raided by the destroyer guy again hes literally walking into our bases.
  13. lol. well i can try to be friends with you again i guess nature.?
  14. Also doritos is 7 years old and is extremely abusive. And thats ok because catsbit trusting this toddlers parents let him play? lol
  15. I agree with somebodies comment about having admin in game at times to experience the environment. Because i think catsbit dont understand
  16. Ok so is it ok for you to tell me you will F*** my mother? Excuse me but I dont care what anybody says or what catsbit say about this forum. This forum is for reporting, and that is what im doing. hope you guys aint too butt hurt over this.
  17. Catsbit made a cool game, no doubt. But the level of toxicity is through the roof.
  18. no it doent help coz you clearly didnt see it in terms and conditions who would be happy with small children saying they will f*** all the women in your family constantly. This is toxic so dont worry about fine print buddy
  19. Does he use inappropriate language or abuse anybody? Yes he does. So does the 7 year old telling everybody he will r*** everybodies family members. I understand you have a game to make. But it’s not hard to enforce rules and keep people in check. We have seen people in game QUIT because of toxicity. So yup, thats fine catsbit. You can ignore it if you want and have unhappy players.
  20. And what about when i open my furnace at my base, and i get kicked or when i open my storage box and get kicked
  21. I was walking and got kicked for speedhack. I was also crouched and was kicked for speedhack. Ive also been kicked while mining. There are clearly more factors at play. ??
  22. I understand what youre saying but there is nothing to “figure out” as of yet. I logged on and ran for 2 seconds only, and was kicked for speedhack.