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  1. Server 15 Able to jump 50ft and take 0 damage. Jumped right onto roof
  2. Dude stfu it’s nothing towards your hospitality and friendliness on the forums. It’s about you feeling the need to reply on every single post with the same vague crap CATSBIT posted back in March. You don’t “help” as much as you feel the need to just reply to every single person. Take your own advice and private message them instead of replying to their post with unhelpful nonsense
  3. Gets old hearing this guy spam false hope to people. I come on the forums maybe once a week for 10mins just to see if there’s any kind of info as far as updates. All I see is this dude replying to every question with the same response. He doesn’t know shit and should start keeping his mouth shut if he’s not providing any help
  4. Haha but you aren’t sharing shit. You tell people “ohhh yess yesss big update soon you’ll be happy ???” as if that helps anyone. I come on the forums to look for an update and ALL I SEE is you posting the same BS on each post. Don’t you dare tell me to post elsewhere when you 100% shitpost without actually providing ANY HELP. Go find internet clout off 9gag or 4chan
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So you cry to CATSBIT and report me again. Let them work on the game bud. Stop bugging them please.
  6. Not like you could help. You don’t have any special access or ability besides telling someone to restart their phone. Get a life
  7. This is false. This is all made up. Stop spreading misinformation.
  8. CallMeJ

    We're back

    I play that one a lot. Not sure why it’s down, but the last two days a ton of hackers came through to server15. My tool cabinet was getting shot from outside the base. I would come online to random sleeping bags placed inside my walls. Perhaps the hackers are DDOSing the server?
  9. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason for the respawn delay. Be better at pvp
  10. At this point, hackers can shoot through walls and shoot you and your Tool Cabinet. There’s no way to protect yourself other than grabbing your stuff and logging off. It’s become a very popular hack. Now players don’t even need to fly as they just shoot your Cabinet through your walls and pick up your stuff. Doesn’t matter how big your base is. I feel like it’s gotten out of hand. A lot of servers are majority hackers and I don’t see the point in playing anymore. When other players can shoot through your walls, there’s not much you can do to enjoy the game. Just out of curiosity I would log on throughout the day on 4/13. At least every two hours my tool cabinet was destroyed by a hacker who would shoot through the walls.
  11. CallMeJ


    Known hacker on the forums. Admits to having hack client multiple times
  12. CallMeJ

    Cupboard bug

    It’s exploiting a bug not a hack client. Similar to players hiding inside a stone foundation. Same bug that lets you run into city buildings
  13. I’ve coded mainly using JAVA script for 6+ years. I understand… I also understand it’s been 6 months since anything was fixed.