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Found 325 results

  1. im not able to add video its less than mb but still i cant upload its say uploading failed -200
  2. dear are you gonna make discord server ? if yes so when will you launch server ?
  3. i am not able to chat in game plz help whenever i send chat it doesnt send and no can see my chat plz help and im playing in emulator i think thats why happening plz help
  4. i am not able to chat in game plz help whenever i send chat it doesnt send and no can see my chat plz help and im playing in emulator i think thats why happening plz help
  5. i play in phoenix os emulator on pc but the problem is im unable to chat in game whenever i chat and click on ok my chat doesn't send somebody know how to fix plzz reply if u know how to fix. i cant chat and feel like im lonely in this game ???
  6. Cort in the moment so I didn't record but we have invisible hackers now he was a no name he cannot loot while invisible I seen I rocketed him then he went invisible again hackers ain't bad as they were b4 update but this is bad hope update fixes this
  7. Сервер: [0.3] [eu] oxide #1 Игрок: (a)Dead(/a) Описание: летает, высокий прыжок IMG_3475.MOV
  8. Hello ? pls make loot box to cropse enemy❤️ And It would be great if the fences would be damaged I know oxide is better but this game good for playing with your friend Thank you for reading ❤️
  9. player: Глеб1234erf server: [EU] [0.3] oxide #1 description: the cheater in the city got into the wall textures and killed everyone. IMG_3441.MOV IMG_3442.MOV IMG_3443.MOV
  10. Hi? Pls make delay for lefting game button because some player in pvp get fast left game To not die thank you for reading❤️
  11. Игрок: Хуеплот; ._.ХуЕпЛёТ!! Сервер: [EU][0.3] Oxide #1 Описание: Данный игрок использует такие читы, как Flying, Speedhack, Wallhack. Особенность этого читера состоит в том, что он использует два аккаунта: первый- Хуеплот (основной), на котором крайне редко использует читы, чтобы его не забанили; и второй- ._.ХуЕпЛёТ!! (запасной), на котором он использует читы и нечестным способом получает ресурсы и скидывает все на первый аккаунт. У меня есть два доказательства, что это правда один и тот же игрок: 1) у этих игроков очень похожие ники. 2) скриншот (2шт, смотреть чат). IMG_3403.MOV Я надеюсь, что вы отнесетесь с пониманием к проблеме большинства игроков и поможете нам. (Конкретно я говорю про то, что бан на одном из аккаунтов читера не сильно навредит ему, так как он может создать с легкостью новый. Поэтому можно было бы сделать бан «по железу»).
  12. У игрока странный ник, который не получается ввести на раскладке. (Никнейм виден на обоих видео) Сервер: [EU][0.3] oxide #1 Игрок постоянно использует speedhack, high jump, на видео доказательствах лишь некоторые моменты. IMG_3368.MOV IMG_3367.MOV
  13. There is a hacker he is a chinese hacker his name is 羊吧坏 he is using aimbot and killing every one in the server he is destroying the whole server he uses high jump hack and also wall hack he breaks the cupboard from outside the house and if you are far away from him he can kill you please ban him please
  14. IMG_7219.MOV People are leaving the game because of hackers , I hate to ask but when will it end . The name of the person in the video is on top of the list he has multiple accounts also , and at least 2-3 other hacker friends all with Chinese names on US 3 !
  15. Why are you taking 2 years to update the game sandbox 3d again please update it again and more cars with different notices and make the have a exhaust and at least 4 more guns with differnt sounds anymkre building stuff and rotation of building and take of the build limit and fix the hacks find a solution to fix them permanently
  16. Darkspy


    Hello I just have 2 suggestion 1_ pls get harder make rocket its just need 100 gunpowder and its so easy to make, players cant make good home to dont raid because rocket is so easy to make 2_pls get make cooldown for lefting game All players is scared in pvp, they left game in pvp ,i just miss my ammos Thank you for reading ❤️
  17. XRecorder_23022022_160423(0)(0)(0).mp4 XRecorder_23022022_160423(0)(0)(0).mp4
  18. This has been a several months ongoing issue not only for me, but several others as well. When will this be fixed? I'd like to stop creating new accts. Attached is the issue. Screen_Recording_20220216-175602_DualSpace.mp4
  19. The game is kept showing that fialed to refresh server list but I refresh it many times it didn't work my network connection is also strong but game not working properly Please fix it as soon as possible SVID_20220203_071728_1.mp4
  20. Sometimes when I put a key lock on a door, it is placed but it does not appear on the door and I cannot interact with it either.
  21. 1. Wooden signs (to color, make art, or label with clan tags). Ranging from small -50 wood to craft, medium 100 wood to craft and large signs 200 wood to craft. Maybe make it lockable so no one can color/edit over or just tc accessible. 2. Stone walls (not climb able). 3. More items to buy in the shop (other than just Christmas items) (The wooden signs would be a big hit for sure!) People can craft a ton, make a art gallery or decorate their bases (inside and out). We could hold contests for best art ? ❤ or exchange in game currency (metal/sulfer) for a master artist to paint. The sky's the limit with wooden signs. Thanks for reading. ? ? ?
  22. Rdpitybu


    A próxima atualização será no mês que vem ou foi adiada por causa dessa atualização de correção de bugs ? Quais bugs vocês consertaram nesta atualização ? Eu não consegui identificar. O bug da bigorna e da rocket atravessando parede continua. Aliás, no servidor que jogo já vi três ou quatro jogadores usando hack de velocidade e de voar. Não consigo filmar ou tirar um print pois não tenho oportunidade, quando vejo já passaram por mim. Eu poderia dizer os nomes, mas teria que provar. Obrigado pela atenção! ☺️
  23. Rdpitybu


    Nick: naosougringo Server: BR #2 Frases racistas: "clã de macacos" "tudo bando de preto fudido" Ele escreveu mais frases racistas, eu que só consegui tirar print destas. Gostaria que ele fosse banido, obrigado pela atenção! O Nick dele é "naosougringo". coloquei novamente agora porque bugou o nome depois da postagem. Estou editando.