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Found 201 results

  1. Cheater on US4 pls ban him he killed Manny player on us4 he only use aimbot
  2. Он оскарбляет родных и из матерей пусть получить наказание
  3. My friend buyed me bugy and its not showing igot recipt
  4. Whats getting done about these hackers???
  5. Hi i found a aimbot hacker got it on vid and his id i will later send the hackers team id hacker id 4744BC316337A536 Team who team up with hackers AB40D7AE70481ADD friend 6955224ED0124A3C friend
  6. 59BD7C68AD9D8E52 banned him devoloper he use cheat , sorry i cant send the Vidio because the file is 70mb
  7. Recorded hacker on 23 eu server,here is proofs and id,his nickname is ?($)
  8. Everyone love or hate "stealth killinig" (sprint jumping to someone when he isn't seeing us, and then shooting a full magazine from AR into back of his head or just back). And I am a person who hate it beacuse its annoying, and just not good. And if you only way of getting a lot is "stealth killinig" you have smoll thing that I'm not gonna say name of it. That's why I'm here writing about adding jump sound (when you jump and land it will make a sound)
  9. После того как вы добавили аптечку и металл броню игроков невозможно убить я одному игроку дал 7 головы и 4 тело и он не умер и просто вышел игры 7 головы как он не сдох это вообще чтооооо Надо чтоб в голову было 20 хп урон А в тело 9 хп Почему так мало урон дает в голову 14хп и в тело 3хп это полный херня И еще для этого патроны много надо чтоб в тело убить игрока я должен попадать ему 33 раз.☹️а в голову 7 раз и еще аптеку добавили и он дает сразу много хп аптечку тоже переделать надо чтоб во время пвп игрок не мог сразу восстановить хп.Аптечки должны как в раст чтоб они не сразу дали хп и т.д. Фиксить или переделываете это металл броню и аптечку.
  10. Magic bullets hack,only headshot,6 in a row ,I haven’t any proofs because I Don’t have Time to record it,please check it and permanent ban
  11. Сервер 23,бесконечные оскорбления в сторону родни,буллинг и унижение начинающих игроков,прошу забанить игрока навсегда
  12. Вы форум улучшали ? Почему мою вложение уже проверят 3 дня на us 1 сервере уже читаков много.Почему модераторы не могут быстро принят тему вложении ?
  13. gaming name:nagibator-95 id:1C27C57F7DF3A0F3
  14. pls ban these two hackers. lv_0_20221209214930.mp4
  15. Hi igot banned i was just farming sulfur and metal and igot banned idk why so many players are getting banned pls help user furkan. 12
  16. 2 guys using bug with foundation
  17. POni0

    Cheater Eu1

    Cheater eu 1 id: in video VID_20221108_033711.mp4
  18. Otimizem os servidores BR, ainda percebo uma instabilidade. OBS: Isso não tem nada haver com minha internet, é a pequena instabilidade mesmo.
  19. furkan.12222


    Some of best Suggestions for new update... 1st and most importnant how could we make this game More playable and fun to play i been seeing more and more players being frusturated about fight mechanish It usually last from 2 to 5 minutes and by the time we killed first pirson somone already joined Fight and ruined Our chance of getting loot from 1st killed person In most games it lasts from 5 to 15 sec in this game 2 to 5 minutes so if we can maybe make guns stronger that whould help 2thAdding traps like auto turrets,shotgun traps and bear traps.Which whould make game more fun to play also we could protect our loot and compete with cheaters that are trying to raid us also make sure these traps are good and they are not weak becuse it whould be waist of time Making them and using them 3th trading mechanism within players like Vending machines that could be placed next to base and used for trading items 4th Horse, we recently got new update which made this map even bigger wjich means more land to corss and now We only have Pay to win options like car and Helicopter so i was thinking if we could add horse that whould be 3x our speed it whould made it so eazy to cross map and it whould male expirience more Fun 5. Cheaters, this game become unplayable becuse of Them especialy aimboters. In New update add better anti cheat also future that doesn't let players play withouth linking their account by doing that cheaters whould need to make new google account when banned which should make it harder for them to cheat more space in cupboard,big box also there is glitch when storage box and furnace are destroyed they don't drop loot 7th decorations, decorations Whould spice things up a bit i whould like to see decorations like pictures skins of boxes and guns also 8th protected part of map in which we couldn't fight Like City safe zone 9th more architecture we should have 4 Gas stations And 2 cities 10th better rewards in City which could be More fun for starter players 11 Chainsaw which whould make farming eazyer 12 bandages for healing which could help in combat 13 big box that could store 16 slots inside 14 more Vegetation 15 Bigger map 16 free decorations 17 Boats 18 C4 19 Drops from airplane 20 quarry for stone 21 big Helicopter 22 x2 x4 Scope attachments for bolt action gun 23 damage doesn't affect person from far away 24BUG furnaces and boxes when destroyed doesn't drop loot 25 Triangle foundation 26 bear traps 27 Auto turrets that can shoot person 28 recycle machine 29 large furnice that smelts metal x3 times faster 30 explosive ammo
  20. Добрый вечер прошу забанить недобросовестного игрока Кинг пруфы внизу Screenrecorder-2022-12-03-01-51-58-904(0).mp4
  21. F8B5F214A719FF5E Читер на 4 Eu Много раз убивал с Аима. Ссылка на видео Ютуб ,ваш сайт почему то не позволяет выложить видео...хотя весит 45мб
  22. Добрый вечер прошу забанить игрока Ruslanpro225 Screenrecorder-2022-12-02-19-12-44-896.mp4 Screenrecorder-2022-12-02-19-12-44-896.mp4 , по причине использование читов и программ мешающие спокойной игре добросовестных игроков