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Found 74 results

  1. Hacker en el servidor #16, se llama EDY PC, tiene súper velocidad y puede volar, alguna veces ha dicho por chat que tiene hacks y su equipo no lo quiere reportar, me ah matado 2 veces y a un compañero. Tengo una imagen
  2. Please BAN Cheater РАЗРУШИТЕЛЬ8 he has a WallHack, FLY Hack, Spid Hack .
  3. Мы просто шли домой и к нам пристал читер we just walked home and a cheater stuck to us
  4. ismael3837 use speed hacks, he lost old accounts, and still create New ones to kill New players, please help.
  5. ismael3738 is a hacker that thief me all my loot including my christmas hat, please help.
  6. Bord

    Cheater 8Eu

    Мы просто шли домой и к нам пристал этот читак we were just going home and this chitak stuck to us
  7. Banned cheaters - SERVER 11 [EU] Nicks: IVABE 0.2
  8. Banned cheaters - SERVER 11 [EU] Nicks: Xwored
  9. Banned cheaters - SERVER 11 [EU] Nicks: oxfodi
  10. Banned cheaters - SERVER 11 [EU] Nicks: Анжелiка©
  11. Banned cheaters - SERVER 11 [EU] Nicks: ПсИх1997
  12. Banned cheaters - SERVER 11 [EU] Nicks: Koysta
  13. Banned cheaters - SERVER 17 [EU] Nicks: СТУПААА
  14. Evidence is on the platform YouTube:
  15. Server: [Eu] [0.3] Oxide #8 Player Name: B0rssh Papa h1gman Cheats: Speed Hacks Video/Evidence: Posted below this post
  16. We have had issues with this player speed hacking and fly hacking in eu8. Daniel2008 . The video is him openly admitting of using hack and admitting to speed hacking. Daniel2008 SpeedHack.mp4
  17. Player b0rrsh in EU8 speed hacking and flying. Only caught him doing the speed hacking when I dc and relog and he was there. XRecorder_Edited_18022022_135135.mp4
  18. KING IRAN SPEED HACKING eu8. He has been causing chaos in our server using hacks and going into players bases. I only caught him with speed hack. XRecorder_Edited_17022022_071957.mp4
  19. FC9001XG


    he use speed hack to kill people and run from people too and get too much loot with his speed hack theres a proof pls ban BR 0.3 #3 WhatsApp Video 2022-02-07 at 13.55.18.mp4
  20. XRecorder_Edited_04022022_141339.mp4 XRecorder_Edited_04022022_141339.mp4 XRecorder_Edited_04022022_141339.mp4 XRecorder_Edited_04022022_141339.mp4 Player: SHAHIN57 Server: EU8
  21. Comes on intermittently and just griefs entire server. Definitely speed hacks. I have no scren record as I don't know how. That is his full name attached.