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    Please choose one of the options above. Thank you!
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    Can you make discord server for this game and add a option in-game to join in .It will be more easy way to communicate and discuss about game .And I thinks so discord will be more good then this website .
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    Devs can you add push concept like rust it it will be so good .Like we can jump upon the other player or stand on the other player's head .
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    the foundation glitch sucks man
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    Bro EA is a game company that's super insanely pay to win like $5 for every step you make in game $100 to craft a stone hatchet $1000 to receive the stone hatchet lol
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    Hi there, In the next update we will be able to check out every player's chat in case of report and ban.
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    yeah i do think its good coz id spend a lot skins yeah big time. to keep the game fair. and $0.99 a month for God mode
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    I think in-game purchases should be for skins only.
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    Please I need a mobile rust game
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    Absolutely! This, like rust, is shaping up and practically destined to be a competitive, pvp-oriented game. This will help keep the game alive and attract new players whether they like hunting others or the thrill of being sought after!
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    When u will update this game with bugs fix and looting dead body its been 1 months that u did not update i really wanna quit this game cuz of bugs!!
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    I was gathering wood with my friend and when we got like 2k wood he dropped his wood and the bag disappeared in front of my eyes and my friend was swearing and cursing like bruhh foundation needs to be fixed as well you can easily bug raid someone without axes and raiding tools and its painful tbh
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    Yeah need to fix !! We just lost woods and axe
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    Where can I find sulfur ?? Do you have to buy it or can you farm it ??? So confused please help Sorry about English