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  1. @Welynprint @xAnonyPowerZ Good response. I’ll make sure the frame rate isnt slow. The server i play on has the lowest ping for me, so it makes do. But the thing is, this isn’t about connection. I can upgrade to stone 100% of the time without error. And my stone to iron works 2/10 times.
  2. @Catsbit.Care Please fix this bug it stole almost 1000 fragments from me. When you upgrade stone to steel, you hear the sound, you get kicked out, return back to game, and wall is still stone, and fragments are gone. I restart my game and try to upgrade again, same thing happens. This needs to be fixed asap plz and thankyou.
  3. So I have found a pattern. I found a base, no TC. so I put my own tc and door on the base. kicked. any time i go NEAR this base, with my tc and door, i get kicked. i can open the door, but have to close it so quick and then get kicked again. same with my own base. the doors man ??‍♂️ Hope this helps @Catsbit.Care @xAnonyPowerZ
  4. HEY HE HAD WOODEN ARMOUR ? also people go naked to disguise they have loot. they see someone coming and they put axe away and use hatchet. lol
  5. what about introducing harry potter items to the game. the factory in the middle can be hogwarts. and instead of walking we can fly on broomsticks. and we can attend potions classes. play quidditch…and find voldemort.
  6. elimination process initiated 10%……15%……
  7. yup yup yup i couldnt even enter my base yesterday, everytime i open my second door, it kicks me. greetings. anony lol
  8. yup same as 2)2 was apparently banned for flying and hacking, and he was back the next day with the same name, doing the same hacks so you seen the glitching even after the update?
  9. Im not sure I understand what your issue is. From what it looks like, you wanted to raid a base and get the quickest way in by blowing up the furnace room. when you could have sussed it out, and shot around and made your way in with pickaxes if needed. If you mean the rockets break the furnace before the wall breaks then yah I agree.
  10. This is what our discord use if you want to be secretive, then just make your own grid for now. flip the letters around so nobody can know where you are.
  11. REALLY?, ! who else knows about this??
  12. sorry whats this bug? i havent seen this before. can you explain ?
  13. Ok well im amazed at that response lol So many people have experienced it. When the wipe happened, some bases remained and some disappeared. everybody knows this this was before the update im talking about.
  14. @Catsbit.Care What happens when i click my server to play The advertisement begins…5…4…3 Then the game goes back to server screen and the advertisement still playing in background And then it disconnects me too. And sometimes after 2 seconds, im in game, and the advertisement is still playing, and then i disconnect once its finished.
  15. I literally cannot play for more than 5 seconds without disconnecting now. Everything else works fine and i checked my wifi and its good, for all those who say its my connection. Its not my connection. Funny that my connection knows exactly when i open a furnace, and disconnect. I literally havent been able to play for hours and hours and hours and hours Grumpy Bones @Catsbit.Care
  16. see him not wanting to tell others about the bugs. lol smh this is a forum to report bugs to duhhh
  17. I think you told me, its not about resources, and once you log back in, they reappear. this is impossible, and can never happen. so you telling me i can relog, and the node will be in front of me, and ill be hitting it with a pickaxe, yet someone who hasnt reloged, they see me hitting nothing? no this isnt true ? its not possible that we all see different resources depending on whether we logged in or not i have never seen somebody hitting air, but getting logs.
  18. yeah suuure hahahahahahahahaha
  19. Does it have anything to do with the amount of available resources on the map? The more people playing, more trees chopped down, and server needs to refresh resources? If thats true, then bigger maps would help have longer periods between restarts no? @Catsbit.Care
  20. Hey @Catsbit.Care Ok so this happens when you loot somebody Yes it makes it very difficult