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    It would be a good test of that! We Brazilians need a dedicated server because we suffer a lot from high ping. I believe people from other countries need it too!
  2. Maybe now it won't happen anymore, let's not dwell on the past!
  3. this has already happened to me •́ ‿ ,•̀
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    Remove option

    Yes! however it would only have to be in constructions made by you. to prevent in the future someone taking your closet and cleaning the walls of your base.
  5. Just nothing that lets the game pay to win
  6. I think in-game purchases should be for skins only.
  7. The first time I lost 16 rockets and guns with this bug, it just made me laugh a lot.
  8. It's a nice image and a good suggestion.
  9. You apparently haven't lost much, I've already lost a lot more than that and I'm not at all sad or angry, the game is good and it's just an alpha version! calm down there.