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    We are hiring!

    Naw to bad can’t figure out how to get rid of hackers permanently.. that would make it worth it for many to start playing again foreal.
  2. Maybe not the ability to spawn resources and items because then people would abuse the position. BUT DEFINITELY GIVE ADMINS and they should have the he ability to free roam spawn players kick/ bann. but if the had more ability like spawning in game items or resources that is almost guaranteed to get abused in game sooner or later and theres already a problem with hackers ,….
  3. If I was to buy my own server I’d basically then be playing PVE ,(godmode). if you know what I mean , that wouldn’t do much for the Pvp community that still wants to play on servers that have 40+ people to hunt .
  4. Removal of the android side of the game and only leave apple, since android seems to be where the most people are able to get around anti cheat , and have more excessive hackers.
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    Naw stop playing XD I redownload it yesterday and they gave up on it basically because hackers wdym .. and still way more gameplay “craftables” etc ..
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    You can pay for you own server on ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED 9.99$ FREE AUTO TURRETS HANDGRENADES C4 FREE BOATS MANY CRAFTABLE ITEMS IN GAME THAT DONT CHARGE MONEY ….. private servers , can tame animals upgraded weaponry scopes. Everything we ask for here plus some .
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    WHERES OUR FUCKING REFUNDS IM WITH THIS GUY YOU WONT FIX THE PROBLEMS WHERE OUR FUCKING MONEY WE WANT OUR TIME BACK CATSBIT !!!!!! Turrets are bullshit can’t get rid of hackers Helicopter are just as ineffective. BOTH OF THESE IN GAME ITEMS ARE BROKEN , do not buy if you haven’t bought them already this Game is a scam anymore .. LIKE IS CATSBIT SELLING HACKS TOO ???????
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    Bro you are wrong it’s already ,(loose) almost every one on oxide has shitty hacks downloaded anymore .. but I’m sure you’ll find that out soon enough , but for those who have been playing this game for a while we all know the hacks already “out of hand”. All they do is add different account and download hacks . There wouldn’t be people on the forum pissed about how their time is just blatantly getting time wasted by people with no skill and a couple cheat codes ..if it wasn’t loose ……
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    Like let’s be honest here , you wouldn’t play ur own game at this point because of the hacks .. even if you bought turrets from your own game .
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    Do us all a huge favor catsbit play your own game for a day to see how bad the hackers really , turn off admin mode /god mode . Use a name that does not say ,Catsbit .. and just play your game for 1 day and see how it goes , try to unlock everything on the tech tree for your self . Then build a small 2x2 base with wall and see how far u get before hackers make you rage quit your own game . ……
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    If they can get updates for hacks to bypass anti cheat why can’t we get update anti cheat ………..
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    Check the date I started playing Catsbit. I’ve literally been here since week 1 , A lot of us hate this game because we feel like you aren’t doing anything for our problems with hackers and it never(anti cheat) seems to get any better if anything more advanced hack which in ends lead us to waste time even faster . U say report people but we have to jump thru hoops to get them banned. In-game reports don’t work because nobody is constantly monitoring servers in search for hackers .
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    If you have in game admins they should be fired for not doing there jobs with banning .
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    You should jus started a go fund me if you need money like that, instead of selling your players a false sense of protection/defense.
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    Foreal though ,spent money on this games turrets in hopes that they would actually work and protect from hackers but spent good money on trash , and hacker run rampant with auto kill and that hack doesn’t even allow people enough time to escape, just a 2 shot to face with an assault rifle and I’m losing hours of time to fucking hackers . stupid as fuck that we HAVE TO BUY Defense FOR HACKERS AND STILL FUCKED WHEN RUN INTO THEM . You are mentally Ill if you honesty believe that’s the way people should spend time with you , your sick .
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    Not only can hackers fly thru doors walls etc , but now they are using your anti cheat to glitch thru the map and get away(kicked) I don’t have a video yet but I will soon. It’s hard to catch in progress …
  17. I think the real issue is the fact that the only hits that really register in this game is the bow and the Rockets so it’s bows against rockets and catsbits hasn’t fix that yet once we get all the guns back if “if we” do then there will be no problem with rockets but you can’t kill a hacker that’s able to unlimited craft rockets with a bow….. especially if it’s a group of hackers since we can’t seem to get past that either with a GOOD hacker/cheat prevention. no wonder why so many people are becoming hackers tho because you guys jus keep making the game harder and harder to play for no reason . When it’s possible for others to free craft anything… and you guys are ruining the weapons , like I’m sure there a bow simulator out there somewhere for y’all to play ..
  18. @Mohamed dz ,the devs wouldn’t put the rockets in the game if he thought was ruining , I do think that the few people who don’t like rockets should get a server where they can’t be crafted “survival sim” Since y’all can’t handle them . Jus leave a selected few servers for people who don’t like rockets , and let everyone one else have there fun . “RUST THE GAME WITH NO RULES ONLY SURVIVE” >>>>> you act like rockets aren’t in rust But there’s actually more rocket play , different kinds of rockets. So rust is not a good example unless catsbit gonna add smoke rockets,The Incendiary Rocket rockets and high velocity rockets. so please stop comparing to rust because there “rocket play”. Puts oxide to shame and you all are acting like they don’t exist . all because you don’t use them as much or as often don’t mean everyone else shouldn’t especially when basic hits barely register.. IM STARTING TO THINK WE SHOULD make bows more expensive y’all spamming people wit cheap arrows and mad when someon hits u wit rockets , but the guns don’t work XD . so Now that i have unlocked the whole research table all the way to rockets in the guns don’t work we’re supposed to fall back on the bow? where is the reward and that where’s the fun in that… I know y’all like running around naked with bows but that’s why you can craft it without researching…. And y’all are making it worse for the people that do have everything unlocked that wants to make and use them . it’s like you all are trying to manipulate @Catsbit.Care to make the game into ur liking …. if y’all like rust’s. Bows so much go back to rust but leave oxide out ur rust convo . because “rust” has two more options for amo for rpg , and more explosives. like he has a game that don’t have rockets Called survival simulator y’all would be beast at because it don’t have craftable rockets
  19. @Catsbit.Care check my records I’ve been here since the first update, To say I have no skill you’re basically calling yourself a noob. I think the honest real issue at hand is the fact we have hackers free crafting rockets, if you think turning them down it’s gonna stop you from being killed you are dumb, hackers are going to fill their inventory with rockets in level you and your base. since the guns are broke you won’t even be able to defend yourself,So let’s have absolutely no defense against hackers since you want to turn down the Rockets. I think that we should turn the guns back up and fix the hit registration before we even touch the Rockets. because if you can’t kill someone holding an RPG you are the noob, unless the guns being broken or the real issue here and the free craft rockets….. I’ve killed many plenty hackers that had rockets with a rifle before this last update and now it’s nearly impossible to kill anyone with a rifle. Half the time the hits don’t even do damage unless standing still .
  20. Mann noo .. jus no in what game can u survive 4 rpg rounds , name 1 game … exactly , not one game …. if everyone on the forum has a problem with rockets so much maybe y’all should play the other game catsbit has that does not have rockets on it “survival simulator”
  21. litterally can’t jus make guns or amo anymore as “Noob” because blueprint system.
  22. Maaaannn leave the rockets alone … that’s the only fun thing left.. I was religious player for a while but last update almost ruined pvp because it take so much to kill someone now , and we still have the hacker issue , …
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    I’m not sure if happens to everyone, but I have to watch whatever I am fixing in the anvil , if I leave the anvil it will take the resources and not fix the Item .?
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    Bug ?

    Light disappear every server reset on us2 ?
  25. Jame$1

    Bug ?

    Light disappear every server reset on us2 ?