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  1. Yes every player and animal like stone there is no blood
  2. Update was nice and look better but can you add C4 in next update
  3. Got it update will come in next 1000 years
  4. Its been a almost 4 months and still no update how long its gonna take ?? Next months or next years
  5. Look he even use flying hack : He use wall hack too he said no ban on this video so make you you banned him name of hacker : proof here here
  6. He making youtube video with hack As you can see he made alot of hack video on his channel there is alot of proof check it Name : kijjjhgddd reason : hacking pls dev ban this hacker he leaked his on this video just check his channel he use speedhack wallhack
  7. I got kicked like every time when i enter my house damm
  8. Idk


    Yeah that's sucks i got kicked while raiding a enemy and got kicked and spawn on other place and i can't go back to the place of enemy cuz its keep kicking me from sever and keep spawn on random place
  9. Idk

    Black thing in sky :(

    That black thing become small when i use 1000 draw distance when i use draw distance to lowest the black thing was gone buti can't see noting if i use lowest idk i think its will be useful to fix the bug and thanks
  10. Idk


    Yeah i want that too
  11. Happy that im not the only one happend that bug i think all the player who play a same device like me will happend that bug that's sucks fix it that bug in still in this update My device (HUAWAI NOVA 3E) ??
  12. thank for adding high walls that's really useful and this update is sick
  13. Idk

    Update today?

    Not today i think :(((
  14. Idk


    I think dev gonna add this :))
  15. Hammer made no damage its true i hit my friend with hammer and that's is no damage player can't hit someone with hammer
  16. Idk


    That was bush right? i think if you add a bush that will be alot cool
  17. video is here @Catsbit.Care pls ban him
  18. Idk

    New update

    Wow update will come before christmas yey
  19. you mean you wanna attack with spear as a melee weapon??
  20. Idk


    I really want this
  21. That's a speed hacker? And there is alot of wall hackers ?
  22. Idk


    Why everybody think im fat