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    I once was on a server with a dupe hacker and he walked off city lol. But ya, it’s a game with no rules (except no hacking) that’s what makes it fun. Also, Gay Gu, ya I know it’s you, you’re bad and toxic ? (Cristo=GayGu)
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    The problem is most people don’t regularly record game footage, and also, when the moderators go into the game in the next update, we won’t have to get footage, as the moderators with just have to ban them just by seeing them.
  3. FYI, this is not very important regarding the latest issues, but I do think it should be known. When are we gonna get voice chat on IOS? What is the communities views on it? That’s what I want to know. ?
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    Reduce Ads

    Once I was finished with a raid, then I logged off to eat dinner. I logged back on to see a naked with a bow killed me. It’s really dumb how that happens, but I guess it’s my bad for not leaving in a base. I think we should put a 5 second timer before dc, so people can’t combat log, cause I’m tired of people logging after I waste a lot of ammo on them, and I don’t have to time to camp.
  5. FACTS my dude! I hate rocket spamming, I can’t wait for normal PvP to come back. It’ll be funny watching all the rocket spammers quit after not having basically aim bot lol
  6. My dude, you make some pretty valid points, but just understand That bows are always going to be a valid weapon, they always have been. Though I do not understand how you think that people who are good at using bows should go play another game. Those require skill inside this game, unlike rockets. So telling people who is skilled with a bow, to leave the game and go play some bow simulator, is really dumb. I am not going to lie, I miss the old PVP. The Rockets also need to be NERFED, after people have gotten a taste of rockets, they are not going to stop using them. Also, I understand that free craft is a massive problem inside of hacks, But it’ll take some time to get a good cheat prevention pack into the game. As for this whole message, I would just like to say that this new update should and hopefully will fix everything that everyone has covered inside of this topic. So I say there is no need to disagree with anyone here, unless you are a rocket spammer then get out of here.
  7. First of all, the person who is making all of these rude replies everybody does not understand the full picture. He, like many other people, like to spam rockets on people. This is a major problem as it means the game requires no skill if you have the patience to craft up a bit of gunpowder and metal. Also, it means hackers can level bases (same with players) with more ease than just eco raiding. In a nutshell, guns need to be fixed, we all know that, but trying to buff rockets which are already insanely broken would be a horrible idea. And I don’t mean to sound toxic myself, but this guy does sound like someone who would lose in a fight against the naked. So, just making sure that the guns work will not bring rocket PVP to an end. We need to Nerf rockets, now that all of the toxic no skills have you gotten a taste of these rockets, their usefulness in combat should be lowered to ensure that people don’t rocket PVP ever again. I hope that all of you including this toxic player can’t understand this. Also to his point that, “ya’ll are making this game shitty”, No we are not, we are just making sure people like you cannot make this game on fun for us by making it so then people with no skill can destroy everyone. We want these rockets nerved, and PVP back in the game for the good of everybody. Also, there is Rockets in survival simulator, but PVP works in that game. Second of all, survival simulator is an old game, oxide is newer and is still being worked on, as you can see it is Catsbit’s main game. So I would suggest stop being toxic towards the people who just want to play normal PVP again.
  8. Yo Welyn my dude ? It will be the main update by the looks of it. It will be huge for the community and it will be here soon. Can’t wait to see you make more content when it isn’t all just rocket spam.
  9. I know that all of you have been getting these questions over and over again. But I really want to know a rough timeframe when the update will come. The servers are getting overrun by hackers and rocket spammers, not to mention the broken PVP and Jenkee hit boxes. I know these are all problems you guys know of. But I would really like to have a timeframe, a time to look forward to when we can get all these bugs fixed. Please respond as I really love this game and I would really like to know when it’ll be fixed. @Catsbit.Care
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    Catsbit yt channel

    I agree, and why make a trailer that will have to be updated every game update. Kinda defeats the point.
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    HACKERS us1

    This is why I think adding the moderators is important, as the chances of people recording while they’re being attacked is very slim. Also, there is a guy by the name of K-E-V-I-N who has free-craft and just goes around rocketing everything. I’m sick and tired of the hackers and rockets.
  12. Why tf are you on this forum? You are trash talking a game that many people love. Face punch will not sue them (as of the title change and 10% law) and you are just being negative. Leave the forum if you are going to talk trash about the game.
  13. I don’t understand your point as stone bases CAN be destroyed with 2 rockets. If you think upgrading to metal is a good idea, then try to grind 300 metal fragments for a days upkeep, that’s a lot. So to avoid everyone’s bases falling to the ground, the rocket damage and splash must be nerfed.
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    Just a few words

    I really want a time too, but because people keep finding things that need to happen in the update, that burden on the devs will fluctuate the time of release, so all we can do is hope for the best.
  15. I actually know what you’re talking about now. Imma end my toxicity here and say the guns do need their damage back. I really do believe that no gun damage is the real problem. But I am still tired of the “2 rockets destroy an entire compound” thing. So rocket PvP will be solved (hopefully) when the guns get their damage back. But I think that the building damage should be negated as 2 rockets to raid is waaaay too op.
  16. I don’t mean to be “that guy” but he did call all the people that want rockets nerfed “deadasses” which is quite rude. But still, sorry for any toxicity in any of my messages as I really want this game back to normal and am tired of being rocket spammed.
  17. Ur that dumb rocket spammer, I hate people like you. Rockets are easily gotten and are way too noob friendly. I’m tired of just minding my own business then some random guy rockets me twice and I’m dead. It requires no skill and I think it should be heavily nerfed. I hope you actually learn how to have skill in this game instead of relying on an unbalanced weapon. I hope you stub your toe in the middle of the night trying to go to the bathroom and pee yourself.
  18. This is regarding your other post too. You sound like a rocket spammer. My idea allows rockets to be a little harder to craft, makes them less viable for PvP, and allows bases to take more rockets. I just think you’re mad because the one unbalanced thing in the game that you had because you are so trash otherwise, is going to be balanced so people can enjoy the game again.
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    Server wipe

    Bruh, this is how normal Rust works. The whole point of the wipe is to give a fresh start with the new features. So what you are saying is short sighted. Like imagine if all the massive clans just built so much wealth, that no one could oppose them? Exactly, that would make the game very annoying. Also the HACKERS! They have free craft now and I just got my unraidable base raided. I hate these rocket spamming hackers as much as the next guy, but when these new mods come to the game, we need to wipe the hacker’s inventory. So we do it with all players to balance the game. We have always had wipes, I think you’re pretty new if wipes are alien to you. Anyways, enjoy the time you have on this wipe before the next. And don’t complain.
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    Server wipe

    The wipe happens every update, since we don’t know when exactly the update will come out, same with the server wipe.
  21. I do kinda get what you’re saying, but this can become problematic as people could easily just keep replacing the TC. Also, in Rust, this is not the case. I do think that raiding needs to be more difficult, but adding a no destroy timer is kinda dumb imo. No offense to you by any means, but let’s just agree, rockets need to be nerfed.
  22. I will have you know you sound like a farming PvE idiot MIO. Also, I’ll have you know this is a PvP game dumb dumb. Also, little kids? Beta male children? Lol, That sounds stupid as I bet you are one as well. Also, I’ll have you know that I have participated in the COD Mobile World Cup 2021 and won 50 dollars. So whose the “Beta Male Child” now lol. Go play some Candy Crush to solve your anger issues.
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    Collision Bug

    Right, that’s what I mean. When the data is reset, all of the research and items/builds get wiped. Therefore you answered my question thx. Is there any news on when roughly the update may come out?
  24. *Research cost is fine *Crafting cost 100gunpowder - 75frags *Decrease rocket splash by 15% *Decrease player damage by 50% (In all my suggestions listed make the rocket less viable for PvP, and also allow for harder raids as just a few rockets right now can destroy an entire base)