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    Catsbit yt channel

    I agree, and why make a trailer that will have to be updated every game update. Kinda defeats the point.
  2. :::

    HACKERS us1

    This is why I think adding the moderators is important, as the chances of people recording while they’re being attacked is very slim. Also, there is a guy by the name of K-E-V-I-N who has free-craft and just goes around rocketing everything. I’m sick and tired of the hackers and rockets.
  3. I don’t understand your point as stone bases CAN be destroyed with 2 rockets. If you think upgrading to metal is a good idea, then try to grind 300 metal fragments for a days upkeep, that’s a lot. So to avoid everyone’s bases falling to the ground, the rocket damage and splash must be nerfed.
  4. :::

    Just a few words

    I really want a time too, but because people keep finding things that need to happen in the update, that burden on the devs will fluctuate the time of release, so all we can do is hope for the best.
  5. Ur that dumb rocket spammer, I hate people like you. Rockets are easily gotten and are way too noob friendly. I’m tired of just minding my own business then some random guy rockets me twice and I’m dead. It requires no skill and I think it should be heavily nerfed. I hope you actually learn how to have skill in this game instead of relying on an unbalanced weapon. I hope you stub your toe in the middle of the night trying to go to the bathroom and pee yourself.
  6. :::

    Server wipe

    Bruh, this is how normal Rust works. The whole point of the wipe is to give a fresh start with the new features. So what you are saying is short sighted. Like imagine if all the massive clans just built so much wealth, that no one could oppose them? Exactly, that would make the game very annoying. Also the HACKERS! They have free craft now and I just got my unraidable base raided. I hate these rocket spamming hackers as much as the next guy, but when these new mods come to the game, we need to wipe the hacker’s inventory. So we do it with all players to balance the game. We have always had wipes, I think you’re pretty new if wipes are alien to you. Anyways, enjoy the time you have on this wipe before the next. And don’t complain.
  7. :::

    Server wipe

    The wipe happens every update, since we don’t know when exactly the update will come out, same with the server wipe.
  8. I do kinda get what you’re saying, but this can become problematic as people could easily just keep replacing the TC. Also, in Rust, this is not the case. I do think that raiding needs to be more difficult, but adding a no destroy timer is kinda dumb imo. No offense to you by any means, but let’s just agree, rockets need to be nerfed.
  9. :::

    Collision Bug

    Right, that’s what I mean. When the data is reset, all of the research and items/builds get wiped. Therefore you answered my question thx. Is there any news on when roughly the update may come out?
  10. This kinda grinds my gears. But I suppose that giving naked a way to defend themselves is a good idea, so I guess you are right. But for the skill issue thing, I just want to make things clear we both probably are decent at the game. Let’s just agree to nerf rockets lol. I mean like whatever the devs do in this game, the true “noob friendly” thing is the rocket spamming. Also, it kinda hurts that you would say the devs don’t listen to me. They have responded to my bug reports and suggestions, and I am not a bad person. I want the best for this game, same as you, but we should of corse take our baby steps. Also horses=poop sry :). Anyways, sorry for the misunderstanding and I bid you a good day.
  11. :::

    Collision Bug

    Thank you, is there any new on when this bug fix will come? If so, can it be a BP/Server wipe as well? @Catsbit.Care
  12. U seem like a bow spamming rocket hater, I am one myself. But the bow is already overpowered as it is. If you can’t kill with a bow then it’s a skill issue. I do agree with making rockets less viable for PvP, but increasing the crafting cost will be quite bad, as this is just a mobile game. Also, I think there should be headshots for melee weapons, and you should be able to use them when running, other than that, they don’t need to be buffed. Otherwise all the other suggestions would make the game waaaaaay too noob friendly by making the bow overpowered. Also, about the hunting sight, they should make a holo sight, but learn how to aim ahem… skill issue. Also, we should have a 25 player increase of players in each server. But horses are a bad idea. In a nutshell, you’re trying to rush Rust content into a game that has a very fragile player base that fluctuates a lot. I only agree with what I have stated here, otherwise I disagree with you.
  13. :::

    Just a few words

    Can you PLEEEAAASE nerf rockets in the big fix. All people do is 2 shot me with rockets. I lose all my loot to some noob who figured out how to shoot. Please nerf player rocket damage to make skill required in the game like before. Please. I need to have fun again. @Catsbit.Care
  14. :::

    Just a few words

    Can you PLEEEAAASE nerf rockets in the big fix. All people do is 2 shot me with rockets. I lose all my loot to some noob who figured out how to shoot. Please nerf player rocket damage to make skill required in the game like before. Please. I need to have fun again.
  15. :::

    Collision Bug

    Dear Catsbit, I have recently been having trouble with the new collision system you guys put inside of the update. Whenever you are up close between two objects, you will hover in place and not be able to move. I have lost countless hours and resources due to this bug because people would just look at me and shoot me in the face. I hate getting stuck here. This happens around the toilets inside of the gas station, boxes inside of the town, and ramps that lead up to foundations. Please fix the collision system. I can’t take dying to even more bugs. Best regards, :::.
  16. I think we need to nerf rocket damage. Though I think that this should come in an update where the guns are fixed. So I think when the guns come back, people will stop rocket spamming.
  17. I agree. The damage particle was changed to a rock breaking particle. This can be easily changed. But one problem involving hit boxes, is that rifles, and other guns are not hitting body shots. These are 2 common issues. Though, I want to say that the colliders in the terrain and objects need to be fixed. I say this because you can get stuck in between 2 objects and cannot get unstuck. This is a minor problem that might take a while to fix. Just a heads up for new players, don’t jump near 2 close together objects.
  18. :::


    Yes, because it ruins the game as it lacks skill to use it, and can destroy bases too easily. This weapon is broken. Though I agree the PvP is broken right now, this weapon is still way too overpowered and must be nerfed for players to have a more enjoyable experience. Also, Ur just some guy who made an account to insult me and complain about a FREE game. Tbh, you should just leave the forums, and the game. I hate to see people like you ruining communities by being toxic brats.
  19. If I had to choose anything for me to suggest first, it would be to nerf the hell out of rockets. Rockets are being used by hackers and no-lifers to effortlessly kill everyone they see. What about building a base? We’ll rockets can break into a really big base with ease. So what’s the point of making a base, when the next morning it’s gone! Please nerf rocket splash damage, and make rockets do less damage to players.
  20. :::

    THE LAG!

    Whenever I join the server there’s always massive lag spikes whenever I try to use the chat. And recently, I just got killed by somebody because everyone was stuck inside of place. But this only happened for me and my friends, so all of us died because no matter what we were all stuck in place. I have no idea what is happening with your servers, but I just lost all my stuff to some random naked because your servers are too laggy.
  21. :::

    Update 0.3.5

    @Catsbit.Care, snasdjhk vahksjdnnveqirnvhowjfevn OM FRKN GOD! THE NEW UPDATE!!! THANKYOU GUYS SOOOOO MUCH! CANT WAIT!
  22. :::

    Server wipe on update?

    @Idon'tknow I actually agree now after thinking about it. A bp would be so refreshing and I can just grab a bow and be the best player on the server lol. ?
  23. Maybe make it possible to create creative games where it is just you and local internet players instead of making a PvE game mode, plus why would you grind up a really big base, for no reason? What I’m saying is make a localized creative mode instead of making a sad, grindy mess of PvE. This game is a PvP game, nothing else. Make a creative build server, or local server, do not make public normal rates PvE servers.