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Found 99 results

  1. CHEATERS ON SERVER BR#1 1- NAME: Matheus !rs/ ID: 2B9E142E6FC6AC42, he is using aimbot and speedhack 2- NAME: TheYarixx/ ID: B23D1D6B70111028, he is using aimbot and speedhack
  3. You got to check server eu 1 this two guys hackers they play with hack since 2 weeks they kill everyone eu 1 server IS so Bad with hack alot of hackerssssss! Those id of hackers A13E5E21A5433760 34B21D0D57531946
  4. China is cheating he only hits headshots and never misses shots and he can also teleport into the floor when trapped and he can climb walls as well. His player id is EF117CE4FB54558B
  5. He has aimbot according to many people his id is 66D749A6DF5AD42A and his name is EBATEL MOZGO
  6. We bought a prime server to get rid of the cheats in eu8, but we still encounter the same table.
  7. ID: 206F3563FBGE76C1 Nicname: GT ROMA. Использует читы (аимбот + вх) жалоб на него много, можете спросит на сервере, все подтвердят что у него аимбот. Убивает буквально каждого игрока, его уже 3-5 дней не банят. Попрошу забанить этого чертя, играть только мешает :< Video:
  8. ID : 673FAF1EE78DB895 VID-20230112-WA0017.mp4
  9. 240E49BB538358F6 us2 Hack aimkill
  10. statueof47563


    Fan s kill me aim!!!!
  11. Please catsbit support ban this cheater keep killing everybody in the server 1 eu
  12. A8515D02B56647EC us2 Hack aimbot aimkill
  13. Hey catsbits support you got to fix your cheater and banned them All WE cant play anymore i go farm and killed twice and im wearing full metal you got to find solution fast here thé cheaters names !
  14. Его ник:нахажаж,айди:1C5B5AC1D940A852
  15. 48[eu] ID:20C8A91F24A8289F
  16. 1CE4B3978CBBCFC6 us2 Hack aimbot
  17. HIS NAME: (Wely_petka32) please banned these bastard he took all my loot and i work for it please don't let hackers get away by raiding with wall hacks he climb in and out but that's impossible because i have tc.
  18. Bro pls ban divice him all player mad at him and want delete this game pls developer banned him pls, if you want ur game better pls banned him , he's aimbot hacker,aimkill ,magic bullet with Ar hacker pls banned him on US1
  19. Artemka_3883 killed me with Aimbot hack, I lost all my loot, please help the server, ban all the cheaters
  20. Oxide - Survival Island_2022-12-13-07-09-08.mp4