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    Sandbox 3D News

    @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev Devs, if ur alive. Please reply to this. we miss yu!
  2. bjb3n

    Sandbox 3D News

    I hope the devs are not in any trouble. also remember. The game is free and none of us are entitled to it.
  3. @Alex9825 Lol, sorry. I’ll try not to judge before I get a good grasp of the situation. or better yet I won’t judge. XD sometimes, I just type stuff cuz I’m board, and not cuz someone needs to hear it. I’ll work on it.
  4. If it is a server setting than any one that joins will be able to save. Which is not good.
  5. Your English is totally understandable. XD also ya most of the people who play are, horny people, toxic people, bullies, people in clans that want to crush everyone else, 8yr olds who say every bad word they know, and then there is a small handful off players who are actually nice people. but most of them have been driven away bye the “nastys” and so, if people started getting banned, there would be no more people. Ya it really sucks, but it’s the current situation.
  6. bjb3n

    Sandbox 3D News

    Also. @Catsbit.Dev @Catsbit.Care “•for the love of goodness sake•” Give us something. even bad news! don’t leave us hanging!
  7. bjb3n

    Sandbox 3D News

    This maybe? All of the builders listed above are about average when it comes to building. but not really “good.” if u really knew 之丫回, you would know this. idk. Sorry (in advance) if I butchered and twisted your words.
  8. Ya that makes a lot more sense.
  9. bjb3n

    Sandbox 3D News

    @Alex9825 not quite sure what that means. sorry I’m tired, can u Rephrase.
  10. Idk man, some players... there are some players in sandbox 3D, (and other games) who almost never miss.
  11. @27 22 It’s *Mod-ers* Cuz they “mod” people who hack “hackers” • write there own code, • make a profit stealing information. • were Hoodies • always use a proxy people who use mods “moders” • don’t write there own “mods.” • don’t make money. • don’t we’re Hoodies. • enjoy domineering over others. • download from any fishy website, Whiteout the use of a proxy. See the diff, it’s pretty apparent.
  12. bjb3n


    @xAnonyPowerZ ik there busy at the moment. but, Why did they need to shut the whole game off, and ghost everyone who asks... “when will it go back up?”
  13. XD I think it means... “let’s make the games better, instead of being at each other’s throats over trivial issues.” I love to PvP with friends it’s “fun” and ya, there are some people who abuse the feature. but, what do u do.
  14. bjb3n

    Sandbox 3D News

    0 9 1 Kate Zeo Striker Shadow Kassie And tons more. ur just not looking.
  15. bjb3n

    Sandbox 3D News

    Pls catsbit say something. we have had sandbox 3D offline for days and people are missing it.
  16. Lol I have no problem killing those who use this glitch. it’s actually a bit easier because they put to much trust in it making them vulnerable its also useful for kicking down doors with gun still up. XD ok yes I use it. but not for 1v1. moders have a harder time hitting you if you jump.
  17. bjb3n

    Loading bug

    It’s not a bug. The server is off.
  18. They shut down the server. Reconfiguration takes time.
  19. Please reply. is everything ok? are u guys ok?
  20. Did u meet Kate? cuz I thought so at first, as well. some players are just really good.
  21. I understand that it makes you angry when people cheat. I am bothered to. I think we all are. Even so, try not to write with loaded words when u address an issue on forum. this is not the place to confront people who you have a grievance with. send them a private message or sumth. make fun not war.