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  1. Oh please, it makes no sense This money is not worth the bad opinion and poor rating We just can't suggest a resolution for the moment
  2. It kicks you because of long loading. We will think how to fix it
  3. We'll try to check on your phone
  4. К сожалению, нужно видео, чтобы забанить данного игрока
  5. What device do you play on?
  6. Yes, we have already noticed it. We will fix it in the next update
  7. Yes, it's in our priorities for the next updates
  8. Catsbit.Care


    Thanks, we will check it out and increase its power
  9. Catsbit.Care


    Sorry, the video doesn't load
  10. Still on moderation. We all are waiting for it
  11. - Bug with blueprints reset fixed - Number of players per server increased
  12. Catsbit.Care


    And thanks for the record ?
  13. Catsbit.Care


    Please try now after the server fix.
  14. Чертежи, к сожалению, вернуть уже не получится. Этот баг просто не будет повторятся дальше
  15. Catsbit.Care


    We can't fix the anticheat system without understanding the reason of the problem. You'd better help than expressing your discontent Please load the video on youtube or in private message
  16. Catsbit.Care


    Yes, we added 4 christmas items (santa hat, lights, snowman and fireworks) just for creating some christmas atmosphere No, this coin icon in the game is made for future ? You will see the price in the currency of your country
  17. Hi, We would be happy if app store worked faster The game was sent 6 days ago and it's still on moderation
  18. In fact, they had questions about in-game purchases, but after we did what they asked, the game is still on moderation (maybe they have some christmas holidays)
  19. Уже можно заходить на сервера с тэгом [0.3] У вас какие-то проблемы со входом?
  20. Unfortunately, the video ends with ads Could you describe what happens after it?
  21. With all other servers it's ok? Have you updated your game to 0.3.1 version?
  22. Catsbit.Care


    @MadMaximus @penutbut @Whatsapp Jr✓ @Mateus Gamer @HÉCTOR Y SONIC @Muhammad Arif @Mohamed dz @Welynprint @Idk @Jhabbiee Hope I tagged all players that wrote about broken anticheat Please describe what you were doing before you were kicked. We will appreciate if you could make some record. Please precise the device you play on, ping of the server etc Because while our testing there was no case a player was kicked for no reason
  23. Спасибо, что написали. Кажется, мы нашли баг, если подтвердим, то в самое ближайшее время сделаем серверное обновление