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Found 68 results

  1. Hi catsbit I’m posting here since you only apparently check this panel you were away for a week and when you came back on the forum you ignored the hundreds of people asking about the hacking you ignored all the thousands of player reports all you replied to and clearly took notice to is bug reports…… I want to quit this is not how a dev should act at ALL. PAY ATTENTION TO THE HACKING BEFORE EVERYONE QUITS. How could you ignore and not even do anything about the hundreds of players upset about the hacking and the reports of hackers????? WHATS THE POINT OF US REPORTING HACKERS WHEN YOU DONT EVEN CHECK THEM? This is so rude honestly you clearly do not care about us at all. PLEASEEEE can you PLEASE give us some sort of idea when the anti cheat will be released or updated or if you’ve even started working on it yet, are we going to have to wait years? Like other players have said other games have already found ways to make anti cheat so it is possible.
  2. CF5B1133D40E3824 MMA-DIOR In Your fucky game all fucky players use this mother fucker bitch hack and kill usull players. Also all Russian use hack bc they can't play like a gamer and they must suck it -_- And @Catsbit care I really don't need your update if u can't ban some bitch hacker in game. We wait for 7 months for your update that hackers go from this game but nothing happened and now we can't wait for 7 months more for another fucky update that it will not ban these hackers Really sorry for u and your working Also sry for all players that can't play like a gamer
  4. Nickname: Rolper ID: A025D7F7D3D31B26 Reason: Aim hack
  5. report this player i drop his id and the proof server #US8 the player not enjoy the game because of cheat please do something visit to the server us8 and banned all cheater, thankyouuu
  6. In order to make a simple Solo only server : - remove code locks - if one of ur friends is on the server u can’t join it. -remove item lock system -Only 1 person can authorize on the TC
  7. Hello, I have a problem with hazmat suit, if you wear a hazmat suit you can still wear three other parts of armor and it will give very high dmg resistance (116% as I saw on one of the oxide videos.) I think solution for this problem would be, when wearing hazmat suit, three other armor slots are locked (mayby with a padlock icon from locked items.)
  8. U cuss use the best survival asset pack for mobile game in unity. Cmon it’s not that hard to add new stuff. Also all the locations use a free asset pack. U guys could just make more locations. We want to explore. @Catsbit.Care To the devs: go to sketchfab and unity type : military base or survival *click* free : View results download free assets : make an airfield add loot spawns and radiation ☢️ in 1 hangar with the main loot ( needs a jump and run puzzle) and voila u have 1 monument done in 1-2 days. And then u add 1 more tool and component from the asset pack ( component doesn’t need a use for now) and then u have an update In 1 week. i wish I could help u guys with the development
  9. Constant provocations, bug-union and toxicity, Catsbit, I bought the whole store in your game, is it really impossible to ban this toxic? Please ban it for at least a week, so the server will be calmer.
  10. Finally after 7 months the game is updated,Thanks You So Much Dev, I'm so happy! I hope future updates will add more harbors and dense forests
  11. Здравствуйте, хотелось узнать, вы что нибудь сделали с игроками, которые вечно отключаются?
  12. GravityBait

    Bug Ban

    Plz help me I get ban I didn't do anything pls unban me I think it's bug plz unban me
  13. Litteraly my nickname doesnt show up in chat and it always glitches i want to change it to Midnight还真是 Heres id:A0D64B1 ADCFE0515
  14. I posted saying that this is far as the game is getting developed and the developer gave up... why did you delete my post if it's not true huh buddy??
  15. Вы около года назад заблокировали мой аккаунт за ЧИТИ прошёл уже год я давно с читами не играю и хочу поиграть в вашу игру снова простите пожалуйста за прошлое и дайте амнистию пожалуйста я больше так не буду уважаемый Catsbit
  16. Hello @Catsbit.Care / @Catsbit.Dev, what's going on? there been passed 4 months already since you said game was going to update, and since now nothing. Why the update is taking so long? We are tired to wait, game fully hackers, spider cheaters, killmod and 7s tools fools. So, what's happening? You will make us informed or will be always in silence and keep your few players give up your game? true saying, i don't play anymore, since i came to give another chance to game, farmed 2k iron, 10k woods, 4k sulfur, and just died instantly by a cheater wich can just across my base because theres no damage on highwalls. I paid prime for nothing, because there are cheaters as before. so, its it, i know you dont care, so is it. good bye.
  17. Aimkill, he killed 3 of us with ar in 2 seconds
  18. US1 all russians are cheating this one killed me with aimkill.
  19. I want to change my nickname to マンモスの一員 My id A0D64B1 AOCFE0515
  20. eu 71 aimkill
  21. Hi Catspit, honestly your game is very cool and it is the closest game to rust But this was old, but now it is not good at all and not fun, because of cheaters, we are no longer asking for an update, but we only want one thing, which is to put a strict system against cheaters, because they spoiled your beautiful game It has become easy for them to jump through walls and steal our bases, as well as killing us easily, and this has become annoying us, so that some of us deleted the game, so please put a solution to cheating as soon as possible.thanx
  22. This guy is a hacker. he kill all of the server please ban him please. Id:164CC9FFF8D383EC Nickname:CKam