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Found 23 results

  1. Hacker server 102 eu HE ALSO CHANGE NAME BUT I HAVE ID AND VIDEO ID=B9BD56612CCC395B
  2. Just watch video.. "farming" Please PERM BAN
  3. Catsbit please consider making a few servers that are only playable on IOS and you would log into these servers with Apple ID. There is no hacks on IOS so no hackers would be on these servers as they use android. Please also add a ios exclusive second prime server as it would be hacker free too! Please everyone repost this so catsbit sees this! This is an easy fix to hacking for iOS users as we WOULDNT have to deal with hackers anymore
  4. yakoub2023


    a hacker in server 16EU please ♥️ help us + I want to be your assistant+ I want to be your assistant 😔🙃
  5. turn on SHOW PLAYERS ID in settings; precise the player nickname&player id; 779F1114259C7448 precise the server this player is on; describe the report in detail; I was going home when he killed me but walked in the water send a screenshot or video record. You can attach the record and share youtube video. If your record is long, please precise the timelines.
  6. Id:4D45FCEEA632A8C0
  7. This guy uses AIMBOT and even sells cheat tools on youtube. NAME:ЙЁЙЛЙПЖПКЛО ID:4F1AF8580C46F89A youtube: This guy also uses an AIMBOT. NAME:Bonk_01 ID:99A761A8FB7AA70D
  8. The reason : they use high speed cheat software Id : 5CA18F28276108E0 Image : video :
  9. Server BR2 Player was crouch/speed hacking and magic bullet/aimbot hacking.
  10. Pulio player in prime jumping higher then normal.
  11. Now i have a mission, report all of the hackers that I’ve sure, and I guys check them reports pls, the one now its called Sonpalpi 7D569CC9D229C831
  12. Aoh US

    [US S13]

    These players scaled/climbed over my gate/wall and up the side of my base to my tower and proceed to loot my box's and kill me. I spend way too much time on this game, if I have to play with cheaters I will simply quit. I get kicked for cheating more than the actual cheaters 755710b30b456733. Player id US S13 Ada0d716037e45da player id US S13
  13. Join sever 0.3 us 5 and join my team my username is savagepro on the game help me take down the most annoying hacker ever
  14. SVID_20220130_133608_1.mp4 SVID_20220130_133608_1.mp4 Данный игрок использует спидхак в наглую заснял 1 момент если не хватает этого могу попробовать заснять ещё
  15. IGN: hack indio Server: US #1 Proof of hacking:
  16. I can't copy paste his name. He gets the items inside the furnace then goes through the wooden wall in the beginning of the video. Server: US #1 @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  17. IGN: loper6 Server: US #1 Proof of Hacking:
  18. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev Please ban these hackers: icoe and 裸屌. They are speed hacking. They keep on killing players and going inside someone's bases. In this video, you can see how abnormal they move and they are so fast. Their movement was similar to the other post here. Link of the similar speed hacks: Link of the video: If the proof/evidence is not enough I'll provide more soon.
  19. He's stuck in between my 2 doors, and he keeps going invisible. Idk whats going on but he keeps bugging me.
  20. Look up walk in door hacking