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  1. Ya but they can bypass the player count, the private mode/normal mode, the build and delete, the chat block, owner, and I even saw a map name get changed halfway through! Any toggle that is switchable mid game can be changed by moders I think the reason why they can’t change pvp mode to on or off is because, when u load a map without pvp mode set to on, the resources for pvp mode don’t get loaded, and as the moders have limited access to what can get changed on your phone, your health is locked to 100%. but idk.
  2. bjb3n

    Unloaded Servers

    Looks like a network issue…
  3. We may have to wait another year but that’s ok!! XD
  4. bjb3n

    Sandbox 3D News

    Ok just one more question. Guns?
  5. bjb3n

    Sandbox 3D News

    ETA? no pressure. XD Ik u guys have a life.
  6. Still this is a great idea that I have often wished for. it’s just not the right time for it.
  7. To clarify. it would be cool if you could just allow 1 player (specifically) to download your map. but the thing is, once the game gets updated, and a few days go bye. there will be mods. mods that will allow a cheater to download any map. making all cool maps, worthless! there is no way to stop the mod creators from doing this, (as there is to many.) so I really don’t think the game is ready for this feature. but ofc what do I know. XD regs, bjb
  8. Ik but there is still hoping…
  9. Besides, any one who dose such glitches, doesn’t mod, (If they did they wouldn’t need it.) so u can just kick them.
  10. Lol I gotta say though, using glitches like this one are more of a handicap when you play against people who can reallllly PvP. for example 3mar, Kate, any of the Srs and Don clan. because after they kill u they will call u a glitch p***, and there is nothing u can say because you know it’s true.
  11. You are right there. but there is no update on the store. it looks like they are just gonna update the servers and than reconnect them. maybe at the same time they will put a new app on the store. If so… I sure hope it doesn’t delete all your maps and reset your money like last time.
  12. So this isn’t gonna be an App Store update. just a server update? like is the update going to end moders, ad guns, change skins, or something like that? or is it gonna speed up connections, and lower the ping?
  13. U have provided that you are a valuable member of this forum. XD This is an awesome idea!
  14. OK. I'm basically dead again.

    I have a life, and like, 2 real friends. XD 

    Also, nobody really needs me here.

    And if I believed otherwise I would be very conceded.



  15. Catsbit needs to make there game's a little harder to exploit. Like, within the first week after the update,(for sandbox 3D specifically) there was already 2 mods. At least that I could find.(there was probably more)
  16. I usually translate it from English to Русский and then back, to make sure I'm not insulting someone's mother.
  17. Reseting you're Internet is a good idea. Do that before u try reinstalling the app. XD
  18. My iPhone sometimes gets stuck in the: Loding... Screen, and quitting the app usually fixes the issue.
  19. Oh. Still, restart your phone/tablet. If nothing works reinstall the app IG. (But keep in mind, deleting the app means u will lose all your money and purchased items.)
  20. Close the app and then reopen it. If that doesn't work, restart your phone/tablet.
  21. I am dead.

    it was an honor playing with you.


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      catsbit please delete this account.

      thank you...


  22. I forgot to add... *sarcastic voice* at the top, I assumed people would get it. guess not.
  23. yes... read it. and tell me one thing in it, that is in any way true!
  24. the only way that a "Mod-er" could be stoped, is if the dood making the "Mods" is stoped. how do you stop him? well there are a few ways... one way would be, to painstakingly track down all the "Mod" sources, and confront the "Mod" creator. but thats unrealistic. another way to stop the "Mod" source, would be to take all the important scripts such as the caricature-controller-script, the item index, and other scripts that effect basic game mechanics, and somehow make them unreadable, or even locked, but this might slow down the device a little. I know, with encryption, the device has to decompile data before it can be used, and for a game mechanics script, you kinda need it instantaneously. lastly. you could have all the code necessary for the game to run, held on a server, and constantly refresh it. then, as a security messier, give every update a long string of calculated numbers, and if a player has an older string thats out of date, the game wont let him connect to a multiplayer server. there are probably a lot more ways, but thees are the 3 I've scene my friends use. the first one, was the funniest XD XD. also stop calling thees "Script Kiddies" hackers FOR GOODNESS SAKE! hacking is making something do something that it wasn't intended to do to gain some form of advantage. witch is what the "mod" creator dose. thees people you call "HaCkErS" are just lame suckers that exploit a free Pre "Modified" Game. to gain a form of fake power over the other players. Regards ~ß❖ß