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Found 258 results

  1. Sviper is a russian cheater that is using aimbot,teleport and speed run on us14 ID : F41E961255EF29C3 VID-20221120-WA0015.mp4
  2. Читер 41Eu Aimbot VID_20221120_233439_860.mp4
  3. Нурс_1. Hasker. Id- A60D719449F52753 Plz banned
  4. Hacker In game name - смерть рядом I'd B170FC72C19E1C51
  5. Данный человек использует аим, это можно заметить его отсутствием, да он мог быть за домом, но его дальностью стрельбы за 30м с калаша в голову говорит само за себя что это аим HwVideoEditor_2022_11_12_110655158.mp4
  6. CiBO


    This player killed me with my stuff on me. Then I decided to go to the place where I was born and die and expose this player, and this is the result. He is a Russian player and uses cheats against Turkish players. Server eu8
  7. Aimkill Each shot hits the head directly. There are different videos, but I can't send them because the video size is high. ID: C40184D66B0F5524 IMG_0574.MOV
  8. Wron

    Hack 1us

    Hack Screenrecorder-2022-11-09-11-43-22-802(0).mp4 Screenrecorder-2022-11-09-11-43-22-802(0).mp4
  9. Evgeniy.


    Уважаемые разработчики играть. Словно вообще не хочется ,античит работает ужасно как было много читеров так и осталось ,аим спеед хак ,перелезли через большой забор и залезли через стену сломав шкафы ,мне кажется по читерству надо делать сильную программу чтоб не было их так как после такого усилия труда играть прям уж оч не охота !примите пожалуйста меры айди этого засранца ( 393F7919BD85401 )
  10. Читеры бегают на спидхаке убивают с аимбота
  11. ID: 933EAF4CCDE78474 Nickname: Agresor_444 Jumping and aim hacker Evidence: @Catsbit.Care
  12. Indignação: Sinceramente, os hackers estão voltando aos poucos, tá difícil de aturar esses aproveitadores. Mano, só basta apenas 1 aimbot para acaba com todo o servidor, quanto mais aturar 2/3 aimbot em um único server. E sobre o sistema de reporte, isso não funciona. Faz dias que os aimbot's tão abusando do servidor e nada de banimento, o processo é lento demais. Eu entendo que são apenas dois desenvolvedores para fazer tudo, mas deveria ter algum monitoramento nos servidores. Caso contrário fica difícil "investir" dinheiro no jogo, ainda mais sabendo que o jogo tá cheio de hackers.
  13. 73EF0B5960935373 tiene aimbot y speed hack
  14. A hacker on the br3 server is called junior 1234 and his id is 62D0F0F1279D5A67 and his friend but he is not in the video I could not record him is called adam95 his id is D56CFAE19AA3910F. Please castbit ban them long ago they are already using hack VID-20221026-WA0011.mp4
  15. SVID_20221014_000529_1.mp4 svid-20221014-000529-1_Qy7SHsng.mp4 svid-20221014-000529-1_Qy7SHsng.mp4 svid-20221014-000529-1_Qy7SHsng.mp4
  16. CA961367EFEF0523 Ben this player I'd aimbot hacker and aimkill and speed
  17. video evidence
  18. Hack puro cheater puro NICK:GUFE Ajude a banir esses hacks
  19. Please help me this hacker killed me and stole me 3 missile and all my loot, I already report him and all the players of the server, becouse he still continue kill every body, please help us.
  20. HACKERS IN US#4 Pufli: this cheater has been running a muck in US server #4, killing fresh spawns and geared players alike using AIMBOT and UNLIMITED AMMO + A Deadly Speed mod that allows him to kill anyone within a certain range with no effort at all simply by being too FAST and CHEATING. (Please BAN him immediately) He's a piece of ???? Thank you (Also ban that cheater KENNIEN or whatever his name is he's also a cheater but not as good a cheater as PUFLI!.) ......LET THEM FIGHT THEN BAN EM ?
  21. -Ress-


    aim speed hack please punish.
  22. -Ress-


    Alexander, this player is completely stunned, he is present without a nickname, he is an aim bot, in, a big head, a speed hack.