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  1. 1. Сообщения в чате не всегда отправляются: ты их отправил а в чате их нету 2. Гирлянда светится сквозь колёса багги 3. (Скорее не баг, а недоработка) Ночью отсутствует какой либо свет. Всё абсолютно чёрное. Поставьте ночной свет каких-нибудь 10-15% от дневного.
  2. I'm like this, I go into the game and on you and I don't understand what it is
  3. Когда я пытаюсь сделать пост, постоянно выбрасывает на главный экран, что делать? Я даже на читера не могу подать жалобу
  4. ============================= Good afternoon, KATSBIT ? I have a problem with my nickname. I would like to change it, if it's not difficult for you, please help me :3 ============================= ((Sorry for my English, I'm Ukrainian and had to translate the text into English)) ? ============================= My ID Profile: LOWER ? 1F0B540E7D80BDD1 1FOB54OE7D80BDD1 ============================= New desired nickname: eto zhe psix ============================= ((There is either zero "0" or the letter "O", I did not understand)) ============================= PROOF: LOWER ?
  5. The shooting and when u press and hold the shoot button and while holding it when u push the aim button while shooting it thinks that you are still shooting and it get annoying when it a peaceful rp and people don’t get the point of ANY HACKS=kick from my server
  6. so when i respawning but I'm still at a vehicle, the gui/button of my screen still the vehicle gui/button, so i can't move my character (except helicopter because there's still an analog) because the button is different. [note that this bug sometimes occur sometimes doesn't] [I'll add photo later]
  7. Allright, everything you need to: Fix, Improve, and ALL Bugs in-game 1. Anticheats: - Kick Players with PING above 222. - Jump sounds for fly hackers. - Better kick system and add Bans. 2. Improve (add) : - Swim sounds, jump sounds. - More hatchets (tools). - Remove hammer from Research. - More Monuments (constructions). - More Servers (Asian, African). - Disable Asians into different servers. - Disable Europeans into different servers aswell for others.
  8. I have 14 guns and I lost all of them and I have lost my home and I lost all my boxes and everything fix it please.
  9. This game have a potential but why when i open the Server US4 It always Disconnected And i don't know why? I can't play with my friends right now to help my Clan mates. That's the main issue im not the only one who experience this kind of bug. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!
  10. There's a new bug where player can be immune to dmg most of them are naked pls fix this immediately
  11. Hi, I want to suggest some things you guys added to Game Oxide survival Island. And report some Bugs I noticed during my games. • SUGGESTIONS - Add Cetrys for base protection. - add Stamina to the character. - Add Brazilian Servers (South America) - Add vehicles to get around. - Base Cabinet permission for friends. - Bed Permission for friends. - Password on all Chests. - Passwords on doors. - Add Crosshairs to weapons. - To make the game more exciting, add a plane to launch a weapon drop. and ammunition on the map. - Login by email - Add new weapons • Insects - After shooting Rocket at a base, the damage destroys all things inside the base. - Shotgum damage is buggy. - The office does not give permission to friends. - The server is kicking many people out of the room at random. BRAZILIAN SERVERS URGENT! Thanks!

    Campfire Bug

    @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.created @Catsbit.Dev Campfire can be opened on an elevated floor. SCREENSHOT: VIDEO:
  13. Hybel's


    My multiplayer mod is not working on off-road forest how to play multiplayer
  14. Firestar9990


    ok, here are these screenshots explained: the second and third are when I was exploring a factory-like building, it has patches of grass that interfere with the concrete. the fourth shows that I can't place a furnace, later I tried dropping the furnace but it didn't work, even making the item dissapear. the first shows a gas station, which I couldn't loot. I couldn't loot the factory type building either, so I don't see the point in having the buildings. here are some bugs I couldn't take screenshots of: 1. I can't get water 2. spears dissapear when you throw them, and dont even go straight while they're in the air. 3. you have to hold down crouch to crouch, and to loot corpses you have to crouch so it was hard
  15. This game is awesome, I would play it for hours but.. There are some major bugs, and I will try to describe them as clear as possible. Bug #1 - This bug involves multiplayer, whenever I go hunting for animals it goes pretty smooth. I manage to kill them, and loot them. The problem is even after I kill the animal, it still shows for other players that the animal is still alive even though I killed it. So, after that it shows for other players that the animal is killing me, even though I killed it in the first place. Causing me to die on their screen but not on my screen. So, technically I become invisible to other players, and I have to rejoin so my friends can see me again which causes me to lose some of my progress, and tools which I will explain on the next bug. Bug #2 - This bug also involves multiplayer but is not too problematic, it’s just whenever I get loot from other players on other servers I keep on losing them, after I leave the server to join a new one. Which is pretty annoying, because I keep on losing all my tools, and armor. I think this one is huge, because all that progress will just be gone. Causing players to quit, and not enjoy the game anymore. In my opinion, multiplayer has the most bugs. I recommend that the developers should look forward into fixing bugs that involves with multiplayer. I think it will make the game better as a whole, because that is one of it’s biggest attractions, multiplayer.
  16. Me and some of my friends were playing survival simulator but after I joined a different sever everything on my sever had disappeared. Me and my friend played for hours to get what we had in that sever and then it just all disappeared.
  17. I'm not sure if this is it or not but when i start a server and i give owner to someone and i leave the game and come back to the server it is still fine but when i leave again and the server shuts down and i go and change my map and load the server after about 5-15 seconds i get kicked out and my server shuts down.
  18. I don't know why but when i load my server to start it up after a few second of playing it will kick me out. I want to know why is this happening?