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Found 12 results

  1. Bassimux09


    When will the new update come out? I have read rumors that in theory it would come out on 03-17-2023 and nothing. Is there any news about it Thank you.
  2. I saw my cupboard, storage box items etc. gone but there was nothing broken, so there should be no one inside??
  3. Hey everyone ? I have a question. Do you guys want me to do tonight a cheater hunt run? If so message me below. What servers I shall visit first. And by that if you see me [CC] xAnony online avoid killing me then. Since I will walk around naked and have nothing on me. ~ Killing me only makes it only harder to catch them all. If I get killed 3/4x in a server I will leave the server. And let you deal with the cheaters. ( It's at your own risk doing this) Greetings xAnony ?
  4. É possível adicionar 1 ítem novo a cada duas semanas? Ou seja, uma atualização a cada duas semanas, nem que seja adicionar ítens mais "simples" dentro do jogo como C4, dinamite ou correção de bugs, assim vocês nos fazia entender que o desenvolvimento tá investindo no futuro no game. Valeu!
  5. Good afternoon, I'm playing your game Oxide of Survival and I'm shooting youtuber, many of my subscribers after the last update started downloading the game. And many had a bunch of questions for me. 1.What is the fate of the game? 2.when will the game be released? 3.When and what will be added to the updates? 4.will there be a change to the card? 5.repavon loot and zombies? and if ds is the server for the game. Thank you for your attention and I hope to receive an answer.
  6. What's the restart for, out of curiosity? Server two just got a random pop up out of nowhere saying it'd restart. It did, but why? Just curious. Not mad lmfao @Catsbit.Care
  7. Hey all i just want to know about the server list,i can't get any server even i'm refresh the server can u help my problem please?
  8. Since the new game is released and sb3d is getting updated soon I can't help but ask what stuff will be added in the update??
  9. It's been probably almost a year since the gun icon was added is there a date for the release?
  10. is SS available on PC and if not will it?