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Found 65 results

  1. Когда пофиксите урон просто играть не вижу смысла урон через проходит + уже аим есть когда вы сделаете урон будет пиздец
  2. Screenrecorder-2022-05-25-17-57-28-127(0).mp4 Screenrecorder-2022-05-25-17-57-28-127(0)(0).mp4
  3. How can I Create a Server on Oxide. It don't have to be a private server I just wanna be able to play with my friends and family without the worries of a cheater and or hackers?
  4. I builded a house and crafted sleeping bag but it does not make me spawn in the house. Tested with 2 dying possibilities (suicide and by boar)
  5. I saw my cupboard, storage box items etc. gone but there was nothing broken, so there should be no one inside??
  6. ygz213

    Add horses

    Add horses to travel, barn to hut those, ability to kill others' horses etc.
  7. I would like to tell you that against cheaters you can hire moderators who would follow the game and ban them. Also, players who like to go out when they have little HP left, here you can make a cooldown system, give a ban on leaving for 30 seconds when receiving damage. Я бы хотел вам сказать что против читеров можно нанимать модераторов, которые бы следили за игрой и банили их. Также игроки любители выходить когда у них остается мало хп, здесь можно сделать систему КД, давать запрет на выход 30 секунд при получении урона.
  8. @Catsbit.Dev @Catsbit.Care I know this is a long shot, but by any chance is it inspired by my idea with the accounts on one of my comments on the "ideas for sandbox 3D" topic? Cause I said "if you make an account with let's say the name "bob" and you're the first one to make the account with the name "bob" your game name that appears will be "bob" but if someone were to view your profile, there would be a code to go with it, you would have a 10> digit code that would show right below your name, and that could tell someone so much, like they could find out which "bob" you were" And I'm talking about specifically the "10> digit code" thing Cause idk if that's where you got the inspiration from or it's purely a coincidence (And if you're reading this and thinking I'm asking because I want credit you're wrong, I just want to know because that means I had a good enough idea that it got put in a game, maybe not the game I was originally talking about, but, it's in a game)
  10. Hello dear developers, I have a couple of suggestions for the game, I was thinking how to improve and diversify the content of the Oxide game. The first thing I would suggest to you is to deal with the shooter component of the game, since clan servers and something else will be released in the next update, I would ask you to add 2 weapons to the game, this is a bolt gun with a scope and a Kalash, since you have already added mp5 and I would ask you to remove very hard scatter with mp5 since it has very little damage and a large scatter it is impossible to shoot for long distances. To the rifle that is in the game, add plus 6 rounds and it will already be a Berdanka, and well, since you already have a clan component of the game. And one more request, either upgrade the armor in the game or balance the weapons in terms of damage or adding new armor. I’ll ask you to sort the buildings with the help of a mallet, and I think adding c4 to the game and beans will be even cooler. I wrote something that can attract new players to the game, because shooting with rifles like musketeers is not the best idea) but with mp5, you’ll get figs anyway. And so you are very well done and I hope your players will listen to us and I think the community will support this
  11. could add Team formation in the game being 4 slots per team so you can see the number above the head of our partners, Add metal or iron armor, 3x sights and a sniper, And 2 other weapons, And 2 or 3 more locations now farm. I think it would be very good for the game, and more sensitivity because it is low.
  12. Is the game offline? When I go in nothing ever shows up on the servers
  13. Hey all i just want to know about the server list,i can't get any server even i'm refresh the server can u help my problem please?
  14. Hey i just want to say i love this game Soo much, actually i never found game like this before in play store and i hope u can make improve the game soon,add some anti cheat too it's weird game like Rust have a cheat,add mini copter too ?? i love to ride mini copter ,and for the future i can say this game Will better than life after or last island of survival : unkown 15 days,i hope u can focus on this project and make this game better than any survival game,thanks❤️
  15. Long123

    Better walls

    It needs better walls or at least a trap the wooden walls are too easy to break they can raid ur base and take all of ur stuff when ur offline or when there's no one to defend it pls add these it's kinda annoying logging in and seeing ur base destroyed